T-Stacks explores a solution to the problem of tracking personal goals over time. The app looks to make what often feels like abstract progress a bit more tangible, knowable & satisfying.

Early Prototyping

The initial prototyping was done utilizing Google (Relative Wave) Form. It was quick motion study to evaluate the experience of navigating through categories nested inside other categories. The concept plays into the idea of each person having a unique “T-shape” of skills which she/he is refining and expanding on over time. Video of this prototype in motion is below.

UI treatment

After the initial prototyping, the UI was given a bit more love (see and example screen below). The development is exploring the use of Famous’ javascript engine & framework for rich 60fps motion and will look to use one codebase to deploy to both iOS & Android. If you're interested in collaborating on this project please write taylor@colortheory.io.

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